BBC price of football survey released

Thursday 16 October

The BBC have released their annual price of football survey, highlighting the rising economic costs which fans are facing, with the average ticket price rising at twice the cost of living since 2011. This is a problem which Norwich fans are acutely aware of, the cost of living has risen by 6% in this period whereas a Barclay End season ticket has risen by over 20% in the same period.

With an adult season ticket in the Barclay End costing £499.50 this season before the first renewal date, our club has the highest starting prices for season tickets in the Football League, putting us in the top 10 most expensive football clubs to watch in the world. In fact, the cost of renewing the cheapest adult season ticket at Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid combined, is cheaper than the renewal price of a single adult season ticket at Norwich.

The BBC report can be found here –

The report has caused a lot of reaction from both supporters groups and MP’s, with the Sports Minister, Helen Grant, admitting she’s ‘really concerned’ about the cost of attending matches – In response to this, the Projekt would encourage the government to remove the legislation which currently stops clubs in the top divisions from installing safe standing areas, an initiative back by the vast majority of supporters and which many believe would result in a reduction in ticket prices.

The FSF also reacted to the news by urging clubs to reduce ticket prices. Their report can be found here –


Thursday 4th September

Norwich City supporter Andrew Lawns has written an article for My Football Writer looking at atmosphere in stadiums and supporting the objectives of the Projekt –

And independent stadium safety expert Dr Steve Frosdick gave an interesting interview to BBC North West Tonight on the issue of safe standing, including the extraordinary statistic that in the last two years, close to one million supporters have stood at Championship matches without a single recorded injury.

Independent Football Ombudsman recommends safe standing trial

Monday 1st September

The Independent Football Ombudsman has released its report for 2013/14 and in it contains their clearest message yet that designated safe standing areas are the best solution to the issue of supporters standing in seated areas. The report also expresses frustration that previous recommendations on the issue have resulted in no apparent action. The report, released in mid-August, states –

‘Previously, the IFO had recommended that the various football and government agencies seek to address the problem, without suggesting a particular remedy and notes that the three previous Annual Reports have produced no apparent action.’

It then goes on to say –

‘The IFO therefore recommends that the Football Authorities discuss with the SGSA and the DCMS the mounting of an experiment in ‘Safe Standing’. This would permit the gathering of evidence to judge whether the all-seater policy should now be reviewed and how the provision of a standing option might affect supporter behaviour.’

The full report from the IFO can be found on their website –

Lib Dems back safe standing in election manifesto

Monday 25th August

Not just a derby win to get us in a good mood over the bank holiday weekend. In addition to that, the Liberal Democrats have announced that they’ll be backing the introduction of safe standing areas in their election manifesto.

The campaign also got a boost locally with Norfolk MP Norman Lamb backing the campaign in the local press.


Friday 15th August

A couple of articles relating to yesterdays fan march in London for affordable ticket prices.

Firstly, an article from The Guardian giving a fascinating insight into the mentality of the German Bundesliga from the perspective of its Chief Executive, Christian Seifert, focusing on why affordable ticket prices are fundamental to their ethos of their clubs and why fans there would cause a ‘huge shitstorm’ if that was to change.

Secondly, a roundup of yesterdays events in The Telegraph, as well as a focus on the number of unreported empty seats at some Premier League matches.

Wednesday 13th August

A few updates on various issues –

Firstly, the SAG for Glasgow City Council have refused to currently grant permission to Glasgow Celtic to install rail seating at Celtic Park. The decision has angered Celtic, given that they had addressed previous concerns and returned to the Council with an updated proposal. The bid by Celtic had the backing of their fans, as well as safety experts, and will only result in thousands of supporters standing in seated areas during matches, rather than in a designated standing area designed specifically for their needs.
The statement from Celtic regarding this can be found on Celtic’s website –

Secondly, supporters from around the country will be marching on Premier League and Football League HQ tomorrow demanding affordable ticket prices for fans. The march will be led by the Football Supporter’s Federation, and in the build up to this they have generated national media attention highlighting the issue –

Lastly, over on the continent in Spain a group called the Spanish Popular Football Clubs has written a manifesto following their meeting at the weekend, which outlines their ideals on how clubs should be owned and governed, focusing on fan ownership and clubs social responsibilities within their communities.